Spring Break- couch potato style

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Spring break is a time to be lazy and do nothing but sit on the couch and zone out. That is if you are like most college students and have no money to go on an all out Spring Break Bash trip. With how close spring break is to the end of semester this year, I for one am a little worried about not being able to bounce back into learning mode. So I have found a few TV shows to binge watch that will keep my study juices flowing-at least for Monday through Friday.


Faith – A 1 season, 24 episode South Korean fusion of fantasy-historical-medical-drama that sounds like a lot is going on, but it’s blended together amazingly well. It’s about a modern-day plastic surgeon who gets kidnapped and forced to travel back in time to the Goryeo period, 700 years in the past. It deals with the royal family and all the politics that were happening during that time of Korean history as Korea fought to become a fully independent nation from China. For some fun education look up the real story of King Gongmin and Princess Noguk. Learning about them makes the whole show that much more romantic. You can find the full season on Hulu.


Lizzie Bennet Diaries – If Lizzie Bennet were alive today and making a vlog on YouTube, this is what she would be like. Yes I’m talking about a modern day version of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice as told by a vlogger version of Lizzie. The whole story is told mainly on the YouTube channel Lizzie Bennet Diaries over the course of 100 episodes. There are a couple of side channels that add more to the story as well. If you have ever struggled reading the novel, watch these first, fall in love with the story and then tackle the novel.


Ouran High School Host Club – A manga series turned anime that follows Haruhi Fujioka, a scholarship student and the elite Ouran High School. This young character somehow finds their way to joining the Host Club. It’s a funny story that satirizes the clichés and stereotypes that endure in shojo. If you want to watch it you can find all 26 episodes on Netflix or you can read all 83 chapters online. To add a layer of learning to this silly show you can look up Host Culture in Japan. It stems from the older traditions found in the Gheisha Culture.


Hannibal – Both seasons of this physiological thriller can be found on Xfinity. This show is fabulous for multiple reasons: the story line, the execution by the actors, the cinematography. All of the layers upon layers upon layers of mind-blowing perfection. I will admit that no one can touch Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter, he is Hannibal Lecter, but the writers of this show put the focuses on Will Graham even though Hugh Dancy does an incredible job. My favorite part about the show is the writing and cinematography.  They somehow took elements of almost every form of psychology. I see mostly Freudian and Jungian, and combined them together in such a way that you can re-watch the show till the end of time and still find new layers and things to explore.


Ghost Adventures – Yes this is a paranormal investigation show. Don’t pass on checking this one out simply because you don’t believe in that type of thing. You don’t have to watch a full episode to get where I’m going with this. The show is structured in a way that the first half is all history of the location and the second is the investigation. If you want to learn about some of America’s and even the world’s odd and uncannon history, then this is for you.  The guys who run the show are extremely charismatic and over the top in an entertaining way that borderlines comical. Fare warning that you might be drawn into the show.