Spring attitudes and activities

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Utah residents and visitors know winters in Utah can be long and sometimes very harsh. Utah gets a lot of snow and can have very low temperatures that begin in November and last until April. This is why the arrival of spring brings smiles and excitement.

Spring means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For Provo institute student Natausha Rader, spring is a refreshing time of the year.

“I think of spring as a rebirth. It’s a chance to start over and try again,” Rader said.

For junior Jared Abbott spring is a time of mixed feelings.

“During the spring I am a little sad because I want to be able to do stuff in the snow, but at the same time I am excited for it warm up,” Abbott said.

Spring photos - Stock Exchange-8As the weather improves, many think of new goals and a clean start.

“When I think of spring, three things come to mind: spring-cleaning, a new wardrobe and lots and lots of exercise,” said freshman Jackie Beltran.

Although the refreshing feelings and new goals are a popular response to spring, a celebration of the warm weather is the most common sentiment. This in turn gives individuals a chance to spend more time outdoors with their favorite springtime activities.

“I am so excited to get out and hike in the mountains and long board down the canyon,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Manscill.

Sophmore Joel Wallic is another student excited to be outside.

“I just love being outside. I would even sleep outside if the weather was comfortable,” Wallic said.

Freshman Suzie Whiting agrees with Wallic and Manscill.

“I like spring because I am able to go outside in the sun and play sports like soccer, softball, basketball and volleyball without the snow getting in the way,” Whiting said.

Planting gardens and flowers is another much-anticipated spring activity.

“I really enjoy getting the opportunity to plant things and watch how they come alive and grow,” said sophomore Ryan Shaw.

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