Spiderman makes a comeback: Third times the charm for Spidey

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Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back again for a third time with all the witty humor one would expect from the tight-wearing vigilante. However, as seen in Captain America: Civil-War, this Spider-Man was already shooting web and climbing on walls before having his own movie.

Marvel’ s Spider-Man hit some low points during the super-hero franchise. The first installment starring Toby McGuire hit an all-time low; it showed how a Venom suit can turn you into a snapping finger emotional wreck, completing the film’ s nauseating plot.

The second installment starring Andrew Garfield did a better job. Unfortunately, it was tiresome to see the same story repeated with new faces. It had promise, but it was not living up to the expectations.

The third and hopefully final installment has given fans a better taste of the Spider-Man franchise and has a promising future.

Different from the former two installments, Spider-Man: Homecoming dives right into the story rather than focusing on Uncle Ben’ s death, awkward crushes between characters who are far too old to still be in high-school, and Peter Parker being bitten by the spider with venom that gives him spider abilities. All that is summed in a brief chat between Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Ned (Jacob Batalon), as if they were simply talking about the weather.

Thank you, Marvel, for sparing us from the repeatedly mundane build-up story that viewers were dreading to see again. As Uncle Ben would say, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

This Spider-Man movie introduces a new villain to the Marvel universe, Vulture (Michael Keaton), who is a black-market weapons dealer, which is how he can afford to have such a fancy flying suit. As luck would have it, Spider-Man crosses paths with him and tries to stop the illegal weapons deals to save New York City.

Although Spider-Man is a well-known superhero, he doesn’ t appear to be one by Tony Stark’ s standard. Stark built the suit for Peter Parker, which has its own built-in JARVIS named Karen, but believes that the 15-year-old isn’ t mature enough to start saving the lives of New Yorkers. He keeps Parker on a ‘we’ll call if we need you to save the world’ list. However, Parker believes that if he can stop Vulture, it will prove he is ready to be an Avenger.

Tom Holland does a phenomenal job portraying this new version of Spider-Man. The film is full of nonstop humor that any age can enjoy, and the CGI used on Spidey’ s eyes to show facial expressions make it enjoyable to watch. Marvel has thankfully saved one of the most loved
characters in the Marvel Universe, and it will be a pleasure to see him swinging back into theaters again.