Something wicked comes this way

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Photos courtesy of: Strangling Brothers


The clock chimes 1:00, the town of Draper is silent, the children all safe and warm in their beds, the semi-trucks roll in, the Big Top erected, and the show is about to begin. The Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus is back in town for its fourth year, offering scares to its Utah audience.

Visitors find themselves weaving through a fun house, where the clowns are ready to play. Along your way, you will encounter the freak show, containing not only members but treasures the Circus has found in its travels. Beware of the doctors, who are willing and ready to make visitors their new attraction.

Many haunted house attractions today are caught up on having the latest animatronics and special effects that they forget what a haunted house is all about: putting on a show. This is the element that Strangling Brothers truly captures and provides to guests.

From the moment you exit your vehicle the show begins. Visitors enter the Big Top to be greeted by roaming clowns, a free photo booth for guests and a pre-show featuring Odyssey Dance Company. Once in the main attraction guests make their way through the 25 trailers filled with circus surprises.

What stood out to me with this particular haunted house is its effective use of audio. The unique sound track found within the haunt enhances each room; they also understand the power of silence, allowing visitors’ minds to play with them.

Another element that makes Strangling Brothers stand out, from the many other haunts, is the use of rigorously trained actors. There is a cast of about 60, which allows them to place a minimum of two actors in each room. Even when you think you’re safe, there may still be a surprise lurking around the corner. They also enjoy using optical effects to play with guest minds, causing you to think a room is shrinking or rocking back and forth.

I don’t want to reveal too much about what one would find upon their visit. Overall I would put Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus as one of the top three haunted house attractions for me in the state of Utah. I plan on visiting them again next year to see what they have rounded up in their travels.

If you are brave enough to venture to the Big Top, you can do so through November 1st. They are open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 till 10:00, and Friday and Saturday 7:30 till midnight. Located off the Bangerter exit of I-15, the address is 98 East 13800 South. You can find coupons at Wendy’s restaurants or Zurchers party store.  For more info visit their Facebook page: Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus Utah.

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