So long and thanks for all the fish, I mean fun

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Connor Allen/UVU Review

A farewell letter from the Life Editor


Dear and (Hopefully) Faithful Readers,


This is my last issue as Life Editor. I always thought that title was a bit weird. It made me sound like some type of supervillain. But this is the last real issue that will have my name attached to the title so I’d better make the most of it.


I fell into journalism by accident back in 2010 when I first transferred here. It has since become my passion, and with me graduating in only a couple weeks, I’m hoping to make it my career.


While being Life Editor, I’ve met some amazing people and have experienced some awesome things. I’ve ridden on Charley Jenkin’s tour bus. I learned that competitive bass fishing is a thing. I met and interviewed Jason Alexander. I met the members of the Screaming Green Pep Band. I helped expose sexism in UVUSA and covered the rally to bring an end to bigotry on campus.  I saw and reviewed some great plays and, despite my feminist beliefs, properly covered the Miss Utah and Miss America Pageants.


I’ve also been able to work with some amazing people. Jeff Jacobsen is one of the best journalists, best assistants and best friends a girl could ask for. It was no surprise he was chosen to become the new Online Content Manager. My new assistant Leigh Ellis is brilliant and hilarious. I’ve enjoyed our late Wednesday nights in the newsroom, drinking coffee and copy editing.


I would be lost without my designer. Carly Montgomery was an amazing asset to the section and I was sad to see her go. However, Drew Milton has been fantastic and is incredible at everything he does, including dazzling us with his infographics.


Everyone else on the staff has helped the newsroom feel like home. I will miss spending time with them. No one can make me laugh as hard as the journalists I work with. I admire all of them for their integrity and their dedication to putting out a quality paper.


I have loved working for this paper. Despite the late nights, the stress, the miracles that occasionally had to be pulled off to put out a section, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


So, thanks.


This is Kelly Cannon, signing off by saying it was all “for legitimate journalism.”


By Kelly Cannon
Life Editor