Simple ways college students can be healthier

Student Health Services helps students make healthy choices and keep in good physical shape. Photo Courtesy of stock.xchng

We all know that taking care of our bodies is important. I get it; being healthy is hard when you don’t have time, money, or energy. Since starting college, I have tried to come up with a few simple changes in how to give my body more of the things it needs. 


College students don’t get nearly as much sleep as they should. Getting ourselves on regular sleep schedules can take a great deal of stress off of our bodies. Unfortunately, this also means to stop sleeping in on the weekends. Try to find the amount of sleep that works for you and make a sleep routine that you can stick to every day.

Stop eating so much junk!

The easiest thing to do when you are tired and busy is to eat takeout or something quick and premade. Takeout can cause harm to your wallet and your body! While getting fast food from time to time is okay, it can cause your body to get too much of some things and too few of others. For example, many ready-made meals are high in salt or fat but low in vitamins and fiber. Also, I am just as tempted to eat cereal before heading out the door quickly, but many bowls of cereal don’t have what you need to start your day. Most cereals are high in sugar and don’t give sustainable energy. Too much sugar can lead to weight gain, add stress to your heart, cause blood sugar problems, and other concerning conditions. Try oatmeal, eggs or a homemade smoothie instead.  


Students take advantage of yoga exercises to relieve stress and promote better overall health. Photo by Terri Oda

It can be hard to make time to work out when you already feel so busy and tired, but do yourself a favor and do it anyway! There are so many simple ways to get your heart rate up. There is the UVU gym in the SL building. While on campus, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator. You may be breathing hard when you get to the fifth floor of the CB building, but it will be worth it! Also, when you are at home, there are simple ways to use your body weight and get fitness time in. There is a YouTube channel called Popsugar that has many videos on exercises you can do just in your bedroom or living room at home. 

Go to the doctor!

If you have any concerns about your health, checking in with your doctor is always a good idea. Also, there are many wellness programs available to you at UVU. There is health coaching, a stress-reduction room, a healthy cooking class, and even medical services available. In SC 211, you can make appointments for various services posted on their website, along with the prices. One of these is STI testing. Don’t forget to take care of your sexual health as well. 

Be safe!

Drug and alcohol use increases in the average college student. While this is a time that many of us are branching out and find our likes and dislikes, be sure to be safe. If you feel you need help with substance abuse, there are counselors within the behavioral science department in CB 207.

These are just a few ways we can be doing our bodies a favor. Don’t neglect what you physically need; your body will thank you for it!


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