Salty Dinner Theater preforms their final show of The Phantom of the Opera

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Salty Dinner Theater began their first performances December of 2010 and have changed the way most performing dinner theaters operate. With the close of Halloween, Salty Dinner Theater ended their festive season with their last performance of “The Phantom of the Opera” Nov. 4. Unlike the original play, this show included BBQ sauce, salt shakers, dancing and a twist ending.

As with most dining theaters, the patrons are required to eat at the location of the performance. However, this theater brings their performance to the restaurant of your choosing. They perform at restaurants like Red Lobster, Mimi’s Café, The Old Spaghetti Factory, and Joe Morley’s BBQ to name a few.

Those who are familiar with the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” know the story of the stalker character of the Phantom who chases Christine through the entire playing demanding her love.

Salty Theater takes a new twist to the story by not only performing some of the songs from the astounding play, but by reenacting the story in a comical way and giving it a more upbeat contemporary musical theme.

While the cast did sing a few of the songs from the original play, the main performance was the cast singing classic radio hits, shaping them into the original story.

The most memorable moment from the original play is the boat ride to the Phantom’s cave as they sing together about the phantom inside her mind. The actors playing these characters at the theater sang “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler.

The cast is quite fun and friendly. Before the show starts, the cast comes out to all the tables to greet the patrons all while talking in character. As the performance goes on, they look for any help from the audience. It is very interactive, involving a costume contest, a limbo competition, and even a final rose ceremony.

Be prepared to be picked to dance and cheer enthusiastically for your favorite character.

If one feels spontaneous and wants a fun night to remember, Salty Dinner Theater should be on your weekend date night list.