Run right into safety

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Running is a priority many students plan into their daily schedules. However, now daylight savings has occurred and the days have become short. This prevents those who only have time to run after 5 p.m. from having enough daylight to not have to worry about staying safe.

Running in the dark can be dangerous and deadly if you do not take the appropriate precautions.

First, dress to be seen clearly. Wear bright, reflective clothing and/or shoes so that you can be seen by cars and other pedestrians.

Take care when crossing streets. Remember that even if you can see a car, they might not be able to see you. Always take advantage of crosswalks. Do not try to jaywalk, even if there appears to be no cars coming.

Next, map a route that is bright, friendly and familiar. Make sure you know where you are headed, especially if you are running through neighborhoods or parts of town that might not be as busy and constantly thriving.

Avoid running through places that are not as populated, such as a mountain road or a trail. This can be dangerous, not only with strangers lurking, but also, who know what creatures are prowling through once the sun sets? Running on main stretches of road is more advised, because not only can you be seen better, but also, you have less of a chance of the unknown sneaking up on you. You will want to inform either your roommates or friends where you are headed. Let them know where you are headed, what time you aim to be back, and whether or not anyone else is going with you.

It is encouraged that you go with at least one other runner if you are going to tackle the dark, but if you can’t make that happen, you can do a handful of other things to make sure you stay safe. These things can include, but are not limited to: carrying mace, wearing a headlamp or carrying a flashlight, and having your cell phone on you. Usually when you head out for a run you do not like to carry a lot on you, but make sure you protect yourself by taking some simple precautions.

Exercise is healthy and usually needed by most individuals, and it proves more difficult to not only make time as the semester drags on, but it can also be much more dangerous. So stay safe on those streets, bring a friend, wear bright colors,
let someone know where you are, run in familiar, populated places, and always stay alert. You don’t have to give up the run, you just have to modify it.