Rating dating

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Rating your favorite clothing store’s merchandise or writing about how satisfied you were with a company’s customer service helps businesses know what to keep and what to change.

A person usually picks from a numerical choice of 1-10, while rating their experience. This method is now used in the dating world. Think about it, you could end up with your perfect match based on how high they scored on being “kissable”. Here are some examples of the types of rating methods people are using.

Kalani Needham wanted to find love. He decided the best way to help him accomplish this was to develop a rating chart. He’d dated great women but because of past experiences, he wanted to make sure that whoever he chose, she was someone with traits and goals closely compatible with his own. To do this, Needham developed his own rating system.

The rating chart lists 22 characteristic traits. Needham felt these traits were similar to those his dates would want to find in him. The rating scale is between one and nine. One being the least ideal and nine being the most. One the left side of the chart, he writes down the name of the girl he is dating. Over the course of the relationship, he fills a number in each row until all 22 boxes are complete.

But Needham’s method isn’t new. Recently interviewed on NPR, Alex Bellos, author of The Grapes of Math, explained how a mathematical formula developed in the 1960’s to help bosses hire the right secretary, is also the perfect formula to find your perfect match.

Bellos said, “According to Martin Gardner, who in 1960 described the formula (partly, worked out earlier by others), “The best way to proceed is to interview (or date) the first 36.8 percent of the candidates. Don’t hire (or marry) any of them, but as soon as you meet a candidate who’s better than the best of that first group— that’s the one you choose!”

While these mathematical systems are designed to help a person find love, other rating systems have a different purpose.

A rating app designed for women, does just that, it’s called the “Lulu” app. This “girls only” app is designed as a way for women to rate the guys they date and offer any encouragement or warnings for the next girl he happens to date. The app is meant to help women who want to find love, but avoid wasting their time on jerks.

Not surprisingly, there are those who don’t find a rating system beneficial in any way.

UVU student Lexie Williams, said, “It sounds awful, if I found out a guy I was dating was using a rating scale of 1-9 to rate me on various traits, I would be furious.”

Whether you experience success or failure with these numerical designs, it appears rating methods are here to stay. Now if we can only figure out a way to teleport ourselves out of a bad date.