Quality Tacos in Utah County

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180 Tacos and Oteo

Yvonne Wu & Marina Lukowski | Staff Writers

Photo Illustration by Olivia McLaughlin


Tacos are a popular food for people living in Utah Valley. It comes as no surprise that such good establishments have arisen like 180 Tacos and Oteo. Although both offer a different experience and ambiance, they share some similarities in standard and attention to detail.


Introducing their new location on Bulldog Blvd. in Provo, it’s not hard to see why 180 Tacos has made such a splash onto the list of must­eats for Utah Valley food consumers.


“I want to give people something they can’t get anywhere else ,” said Dorian Kidd, co­founder and genius of the ideology behind 180 Tacos.


Anyone can find something to enjoy here. Many would think that 180 Tacos would be bound to just tacos, but that wouldn’t satisfy Kidd. The constantly alternating daily specials, such as a delightful selection of noodles and malasadas (Portuguese Donuts) are examples of other dishes offered here. For the more traditional taco fans, try the buffalo chicken taco topped with pickled onions and mirepoix, the flavor is simple and delicious. Or the Achiote Pork, which requires an overnight preparation that makes the meat very tender. The achiote flavor is also enhanced by inlcuding monterey jack and cilantro.


You name it: Mexican, Korean, American, and Jamaican, they’ve got it all. Although the idea of tacos made from other culture’s ingredients is, in essence, a food fusion, Kidd makes it a point not to cross the influences beyond that and stay true to the traditions of specific recipes. This leaves no confusion in flavor profile.


The unique experience is not dependent on the money in your bank account. With tacos starting at $2.50, 180 Tacos should pride themselves in their reasonable pricing that does not forgo an excellent quality of ingredients. The best part is that that there are no short cuts. Small batches and overnight preparations allow people to have access to really good food without having to wait.


For another delicious taco encounter, Oteo is a restaurant that prides itself on going above and beyond. They offer a fresh angle on tacos and other traditional Mayan comfort food. It’s a place where one can’t decided which is higher, the quality of the organic ingredients or the one­of­ a-kind experience that leaves diners pleased, knowing the food is tasty and healthy.


Eating well is not the only thing that is important to the founders, “It’s not just about the food, but the psychology behind it,” explained Mosi Oteo, the owner of Oteo.


The food is a feast for all of the senses and it becomes clear that is what Oteo is trying to accomplish by creating this top-quality dining experience that brings a new depth of flavor to your taste buds. Try the Paleo diet­friendly hanger steak bites or the vegetarian taco made with California avocados and garnished with colorful beet shavings. Prices range from $8­$12 dollars.


“It’s all about the full experience at the very end of the meal,” said Oteo, revealing his vision of what he wants his guests to have every time.


In the taco wars of Utah Valley, Oteo and 180 Taco stand above the competition. This is because of their commitment to fine ingredients and high quality of service. Their passion for tacos really allows them to differentiate what they have to offer, compared to others. At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that both Oteo and 180 Tacos win.