Proper college attire

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Many people have pet peeves. They don’t like people chewing with their mouths open, or talking with their mouth full, or keeping things too messy, what have you. There is one thing that should get on everyone’s nerves at this campus, however. That is wearing clothes in support of another college.


You see it all through the hallways, BYU and U of U attire on enough students to make you question what college you’re currently attending. That may be a slight exaggeration, but the point is still valid. It’s important to show pride for the school you are attending now, not the one you like, or couldn’t get in.


Everyone should have at least one piece of UVU attire, considering you are given one during orientation. Wear that every once in a while. Show UVU you care that they gave out free shirts to incoming students.


It’s also easy to wear that bevy of shirts you received from your high school every day to school. They’re just sitting in the closet, taking up space and in an easy to grab location. Please, don’t put them on.


You attend college now, it’s time to put high school behind you and leave what happened in high school there. Take the experiences you had with you, leave all the student council and graduation shirts behind.


You also don’t have to dress for success every single day. As most upperclassmen can tell you, dressing up every day is difficult, and it singles you out as a new student.


It’s not difficult to find the appropriate attire for a successful day at school. Just pick any shirt that you want to wear that isn’t from another school.


Most college students just roll out of bed, hopefully shower, then throw on whatever shirt they can find in their closet, or on the floor. It’s not terribly difficult to prepare for a day at school. Not too many people care what you look like as long as you show up with a healthy appetite for knowledge.


Just remember that you attend UVU.