The profession predicament

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We look at the pros and cons of some of UVU’s most popular majors to help the undeclared find their footing.



Personality Traits: strong quantitative skills, math, stats, ability spreadsheets, good reasoning ability, not always a cut and dried answer.

Expected Salary: $45,300-74,900

Pros: Every organization needs an account, good job market. Accounting is recognized as a professional area that is well respected. Time-honored occupation. reputation of integrity.

Cons: Difficult. if you’re not comfortable with math, steer clear.

Art/Visual Communication 

Personality Traits: Creative, strong sense of self-supervision, internal drive, entrepreneurial

Expected Salary: $36,100-57,100

Pros: Versatile field. Opportunities in just about every field. UVU’s 2014 graduating class with this degree had 100% job placement rate

Cons: Skill is important. if you are not a good artist, you will not have much success.

Behavioral Science

Personality Traits: Broad Liberal Arts education, desire to understand human behavior, communication skills

Expected Salary: $33,000-92,500

Pros: Understanding of the way people operate. Well-trained for graduate programs. Interdisciplinary

Cons: Lacks in the technical sciences


Personality Traits: curious about everything (particularly living things), scientifically and mathematically inclined

Expected Salary: $40,200-70,800

Pros: Versatile, tremendous jobopportunities. diversity of talents

Cons: If you have unrealistic expectations, you won’t have as much success. More study- intensive than other majors. need to take calculus and organic chemistry


Personality Traits: Lab skills, analytical, versatile, mathematically and scientifically inclined, answering why and how

Expected Salary: $44,100-84,100

Pros: An understanding of how the world works in the smallest sense. chemistry is considered a “central science” to many other fields

Cons: Hard work. Difficult field. requires a great deal of desire, ability, and motivation


Personality Traits: Jack-of-all-trades, a wide range of skills and interests, good communication skills, team-oriented

Expected Salary: $40,00-69,600

Pros: Versatile. skills can be applied to many different fields

Cons: Undeservedly bad reputation among some college communities

Computer Science

Personality Traits: Interested in technology, organized, logical, attention to detail

Expected Salary: $59,800-102,00

Pros: Business is booming, job market is great for qualified individuals

Cons: Statistically, not so many women in this industry. Get on that, ladies!


Personality Traits: Creative, physically active, musically inclined, health conscious

Expected Salary: $23,000-$51,000

Pros: Regular exercise, creative work, flexibility, endorphins

Cons: If you aren’t committed, finding work will be tough.

Dental Hygiene

Personality Traits: Medically inclined Expected Salary: $44,000-87,000

Pros: Very in-demand, relatively little schooling needed, great pay

Cons: Repetitive. Limited variety of careers

Digital Media

Personality Traits: Creative, technologically inclined, attention to detail, deadline oriented

Expected Salary: $32,000-88,000

Pros: Creative work, versatile skills

Cons: Some clients don’t know what they want.


Personality Traits: Knowledgeable, attention to detail, desire to impart knowledge

Expected Salary: $37,400-55,200

Pros: Consistent work schedule, opportunity to share what you love with others

Cons: Criminally underpaid. Get on that, America!


Personality Traits: Critical thinking love of reading, writing, and language

Expected Salary: $24,000-91,000

Pros: Broad preparation for a variety of jobs and grad programs, (law school), prepares people for situations were writing and communicating is important

Cons: Constant contact with opinionated people that might not see things the way you do

Forensic Science

Personality Traits: Attention to detail, desire for truth and justice, mathematically inclined

Expected Salary: $35,300-85,000

Pros: Convicting the guilty and exonerating the innocent, giving families closure on there long lost loved ones.

Cons: Not as sexy as it is on CSI: Miami. Jobs are typically more specialized than they are in the movies, where everyone does everything. A lot more math and science than some people anticipate. Crime doesn’t sleep, so you could be working until late in the night. Frequent exposure to gore and traumatic environments.


Personality Traits: Mathematically inclined, attention to detail, curious about everything

Expected Salary: $53,100-101,000

Pros: Lots of job options if you know where to look. Understanding how the universe works

Cons: Statistically a male-dominated field

Theatre Arts

Personality Traits: Creative, expressive, tenacious, persistent, team-oriented energetic

Expected Salary: $36,200-58,600

Pros: Expressing oneself in a very visceral way. Contributing to a large-scale work of art

Cons: Frequent rejections. Flooded market for performers