Preparing for the date

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For her:

It’s a common misconception that all of the work on Valentine’s Day is for the guy. As women, it’s important to put in equal effort and not have too high of expectations for our men.

Start by making a run to Hallmark no later than a couple days before and get a card that let’s your sweetheart know how you feel. Showing your affection will surprise and thrill your date.

Though you may have agreed on a “no-gift day,” find out your guys favorite dessert and bake it for him. You know that he has dinner covered, and they always say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

So, it’s now the day before and it’s really time to have everything in order for your special day. Make sure to get plenty of beauty rest so your face is fresh and radiant.

Looking to go above and beyond? Decorate your dates room or car to let him know how excited you are for the evening.

Just hours before, spend time getting ready with your girlfriends. Have an upbeat playlist to get you in the mood. It’s crucial to make sure your nails are done too. You never know what kind of questions get popped on this day.

As you’re planning your outfit, obviously wear something you love, but wear something you know your date will love you in too. His opinion definitely matters when he’s taking you out.

Make up is done and your outfit is on. Contemplating lipstick? Don’t do it. If you’re planning on kissing, you don’t want that all over your poor date. Try Chapstick’s lip shimmer for the perfect finishing touch and you’re ready to head out the door.


For him:

Just because your date said yes, doesn’t mean that everything is planned like it should be. Take extra precaution this week to have a flawless night with your dream girl.

Four days before your hot date, make sure you have dinner reservations set up. If you don’t, call around restaurants as soon as possible. Have a back up plan in case things go haywire the night of. If you are making dinner for your date, buy your ingredients at least a day before.

Although you are confident your date is yours for the night, really woo her by officially asking her to “be yours.” She won’t expect it and it will excite her more for the anticipated night.

It’s no secret that a man can never go wrong with flowers. Whether they’re her personal favorite or a dozen red roses, the gesture is what counts. It’s imperative to buy the flowers fresh the day of. Doing that stay at home dinner? Rose petals and scented candles are a perfect touch for the date.

The day has arrived and nerves are running a little wild. All of the hard work and planning you’ve made is about to be put to the test. You’ve prepared for the part, now you have to dress the part.

Your lady will appreciate it if you take the proper time to get ready just as you know she will. Start with being clean-shaven. If you prefer some facial hair, at least trim and clean it up so your effort shows.

Have your outfit laid out earlier in the day and make sure you have pressed clothes. Whether you steam or iron, no one wants to be out with a guy in crumpled attire.

For the final touch, spray on your best smelling cologne. You are now date ready. Don’t forget to pick up your valentine and be on your best behavior.

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