Performing arts auditions: The complete guide for all UVU students

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The first week of the fall semester can be hectic with starting new classes, but it’s also audition week for many UVU School of the Fine Arts students.

For students interested in the arts, there are many performing opportunities. Choir auditions took place August 19 and the 21, which all majors can attend. Reed Criddle, UVU Director of Choral Studies, said, “All students can join a choir, regardless of declared major and skill level. The audition is quick and will determine which…choral ensemble will be the best fit.”

Non-dance and dance majors alike are encouraged to audition for any company if they so wish, which are August 22 through August 25. Each year, the dance department holds auditions for four companies: Repertory Ballet Ensemble, Contemporary Dance Ensemble, Synergy Dance Company, and the hip-hop team Mos.A.I.C

“Use auditions as assessment tools to clarify where you currently stand and be aware of the next skill set that needs to be addressed, developed, and refined in your training,” Mark Borchelt, associate professor of ballet, said.

Whether you just want to have fun, perform, or prepare for a future career, it’s never a bad idea to audition. Auditioning can be nerve racking and stressful, but it’s important to not let the nerves take over during an audition. Natalie Wilson, a dance education alumnus said, “Just smile and improvise your way out of a mistake.”

There are a variety of auditions at UVU through dance, music, and theater. Fear of failure should not stop you from auditioning. “Be yourself and the confidence will read,” Whitney Collins, a 2017 modern dance graduate, said.

Auditioning is a skill, but the most crucial step is to be yourself and have fun. UVU’s fine art programs offer a safe and inviting environment where the faculty only want to see students succeed in an audition.