Orem’s new event center will be more than just a music venue

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The Rise, a new venue in Orem, recently launched its release party showcasing diversity in talented local artists on Aug. 4.

The grand opening, which lasted from seven p.m. to midnight last Saturday, included eclectic musical performances from bands and artists in varying genres. Although rain pounded on the streets outside, the booming bass lines and powerful vocals overpowered any temporary distraction, and audiences were submerged in an atmosphere of great music.

The night kicked off with opening performer, David Devaney, a co-owner of the venue who took to the refined stage to perform his own melodies and songs. Following Devaney was Aaliyah Rose, a former contestant on the esteemed singing competition, “The Voice”. Popular Utah artist Jesse Wride then played on the stage, followed by local alternative band Grey Glass, and the night ended with local beatboxer Matt Newman.

The venue proved not only are they housing talented musicians and artists, but they’re accepting performances from bands of many diverse genres ranging from indie alternative to soulful R&B or pop sounds.

The Rise, located at 521 North 1200 West in Orem, close to a five minute drive from UVU’s campus, is a creative event center with a velvet curtained stage and grand setup that is far more than an average music venue.

Coated in a modern design, several of the rooms function as recording studios where artists can record new sounds with premier instruments. The venue is also offering music lessons when the studios won’t be in use.

The main stage, bordered by thick curtains and a slick, black floor, is emphasized with blushing stage lights of all different colors which perfectly highlight the musicians as they perform. The area in front of them reveals a large, square floor where audiences have enough room to gather for dances, concerts or any other event the venue might produce.

Co-owner, Nate Gagon spoke about the event, emphasizing its location and how he wants the space to become a haven for UVU students.

“The space was already a music venue, we redesigned the area and wanted to keep the location since not many venues can be found in Orem, but we’re not just music based.”

As well as being one of the only music venues in Orem rather than in Provo, the center plans on hosting many events such as movie nights, battle of the bands competitions, comedy shows, back to school nights and more.

Gagon also spoke about inclusivity and showcasing performances that are as diverse as the venue itself. The events they will put on will be every weekend, and they already have multiple shows outlined on the venue’s website.