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The Environmental Awareness Club focuses on raising students’ awareness of environmental issues. Photo courtest of

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The Environmental Awareness Club focuses on raising students’ awareness of environmental issues. Photo courtest of

Students who care about the environment have joined together to bring environmental awareness to campus.


Utah gives its residents access to several national parks and monuments, but many students may not be aware of the environmental issues that affects Utah’s nature.


Current President of the Environmental Awareness Club, Andrea Sanchez, is one student in particular who values awareness and education when it comes to the environment.


“The purpose of the environmental awareness club is to spread awareness about local and global environmental issues to the students of Utah Valley University enabling them to make informed decisions on environmental policies,” Sanchez said.


This year marks the first year for an increase in planned activities and service projects for the club due to a more active and motivated presidency. One project in particular, when put into action, will likely bring environmental awareness to many students.


“Our major project this semester is looking at how we can get a community garden at UVU,” Sanchez said.

Education about sustainable living will be the purpose of the community garden. The goal is that it will increase knowledge on where food comes from, as well as increase the sense of community at UVU.


“We believe that a garden would help students at UVU become better stewards throughout their lives,” Sanchez said.


With a total of seven active members and sixty membership applications from interested students, the club is growing. Many of the members share a wide range of values where environmental policy is concerned. Sanchez emphasized that membership is not limited to environmentalists.


“We encourage people to just come and participate and talk about what they think should be done with issues that concern the environment,” Sanchez said.


This semester’s club events included various speakers and documentary movie nights. The club is currently in the process of coordinating a recycling plant tour, in addition to organizing an upcoming service project in coordination with the Wildlife Club to restore the habitat for the June Sucker.


“One of the best ways to spread awareness, I feel, is to actually get outside and do something,” Sanchez said.


By Briauna Mason
Life Writer 

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