Nightmare on 13th will leave you screaming for more

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When it comes to Halloween activities, haunted houses are one of the first things that come to mind because of the horror they bring to any thrill seeker’s life.

“Places like that definitely give you an adrenaline rush,” UVU family behavioral science freshmen Madison Heiner said.

Even though haunted houses are fun, going to the same haunted house every year can get a little boring. That’s why Salt Lake’s Nightmare on 13th is the perfect place to go for a new scare. Even though it has been scaring people for 28 years, the venue continues to come up with new sets and themes to terrify their guests.

“One of the things I love about this place is that it is always changing. Most haunted houses around here stay the same and this one never does,” Caitlin Garrett said. She was going through the house with a few of her co-workers.

It has ways of making everyone who dares enter get into the Halloween spirit by having them walk past rows of lit jack-o-lanterns, hearing the moans of ghosts in the distance and making them feel like they are part of a real-life horror movie. One of the most thrilling aspects of the attraction is how every turn taken really makes visitors nervous because nobody can see what’s lurking around the corner. Even if guests don’t have to go around corners, they do have to open doors leading to dark hallways where there’s no way of knowing what’s in them.

“I forced my cousin to come with me this year because I loved it. Last year my dad got hit by the alligator animatronic because he didn’t see it,” Nightmare on 13th guest Uriel Torres said.

Since haunted houses are busy during the month of October, there are often long lines. It can be hard to keep guests occupied and entertained while waiting. This is a problem that Nightmare has overcome because they entertain people the minute that they walk into the courtyard to buy their tickets. They scare the guests using actors, play videos of other guests’ reactions while getting spooked and have people stand in the Nightmare theater where a few jump scares are sure to get the blood pumping.

Spreading out groups of visitors so that everyone can have an equal scare is something that most haunted houses struggle with, but not at Nightmare on 13th. Even if people are walking near the group in front of them, they won’t feel safe. The actors find unusual ways to scare and jump out of dark places where most people don’t expect them to come from.

Nightmare on 13th is ranked as one of the top haunted houses in the nation and so whatever your reason is for going, guests should expect anything. The thrills and screams never end at Nightmare, as people experience heart pumping fun and excitement till the very end.