Netflix premieres a new documentary about Kanye West amidst further controversy

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“Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy” gives audiences a different perspective on the influential Chicago rapper that is simultaneously praised and despised by the general public. Kanye West’s antics on social media have spiked significantly during the release of the 3-part series, mostly centered on his ex-wife’s new relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson. 

West’s recent rampage on Instagram caused him to trend on Twitter above the Super Bowl, with mixed responses from West’s admirers and critics. The rapper also called out Kid Cudi for his friendship with Davidson, to which Cudi responded that he has “been the thing about [his] albums” since he met West. West refers to Davidson as “Skete”, and addressed his grievances with the comedian in multiple posts on Instagram. 

“This ain’t about Skete, people! It’s about selling y’all a narrative. Skete just playing his part in Frozen 3, accept it’s not in the theaters this time it’s on Daily Mail. Tell Bob [Iger] and the entire Disney staff you wasted your money on Star Wars and Marvel because even though it makes money, you will never control the high schools. No one’s ever heard a Machine Gun Kelly song, Bob!” 

“Jeen-Yuhs” was released at the perfect time to show a side of West that is the polar opposite of what is seen today by the artist. The first part of the documentary is entitled “Vision.” The film shows footage of West from before his first album was released and portrays West as a struggling up-and-coming artist, trying to get people to believe in his style of music. West’s music was a breath of fresh air for the hip-hop genre, as he went against gangster rap and stuck with pop fundamentals and soulful production. His past seems to align with his present day, as he continues to oppose what is popular even if it damages his reputation. 

The new documentary could not have been released at a more opportune time, as West’s foray into the public eye also aligns with the supposed release of his next album, “Donda 2”. The album was stated on West’s Instagram to have a release date of Feb. 22, but with the rapper’s tendency to delay his albums the true release date is anyone’s guess.