Multitasking in class

Reading Time: 2 minutes Students find technology an easy distraction in class

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Class takes up hours of a student’s day, hours that each student treats differently. Interestingly enough, there are options aside from showing up to class and not showing up to class. While some students may listen to the teacher, sleep or even skip class, most students who attend divide class time between technology and listening.
The most common thing students do in class is texting. Shae Zimmerman is one of many students who text in class.

“I can think and text at the same time,” Zimmerman said.

McKayla Koch, like Zimmerman, texts in class, but knows that she can’t listen as well. Koch chooses between the two.

“Definitely, if I’m in class I’m not thinking about class,” Koch said.

Trevor Taylor also finds it hard to multitask in class.

“I can’t multitask. I have to pay attention to my text or the lady next to me, or my teacher. That’s why I’m not getting good grades,” Taylor said.

It is difficult to multitask in class, but some students find a way around this issue. Ross Little is one such student.

“I try to pick a spot when it’s not that important and then you text,” Little said.

Although texting appears to be the most common distraction in the classroom, there is a broad range other things students do instead of listening in class. Tyler Mcculloch said the things he does most in class regarding technology is text or look at sports scores.

Like Mcculloch, Dani Carr was asked whether she is distracted with technology in class.

“Oh ya, I text and I’m on Twitter,” Carr said.

Students find it easy to get distracted in class when there is a piece of technology in front of them, but some students make a decision not to take all of their gadgets to class. Saydie Carter said she has made a change in the technology she takes to class.

“I don’t bring out my laptop anymore because I end up shopping,” Carter said.