“Moulin Rouge! The Musical”: A Night in Paris

Reading Time: 3 minutes

“Moulin Rouge!” is on the road with Broadway Across America, performing at the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City until Dec. 11. The show’s glitter, glamour, and beauty transfer incredibly well from traditional NYC Broadway and dazzles upon entering the theater in a deep, rich red. The musical is a modern jukebox of mashups and originals that differ slightly from Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 film while still maintaining all the drama, costumes, and fun!

The musical takes place in late 1800s Paris, centering on the titular Moulin Rouge nightclub and the beautiful courtesan/performer who captures the attention of a poor Bohemian songwriter. Satine and Christian’s affair takes a turn when the Moulin Rouge is found to be in need of money — and the help of the cocky Duke of Monroth. Courtney Reed heads the incredible cast as the effervescent Satine, with Conor Ryan as the sincere, romantic Christian. Each brings spectacular talent to the show with their matchless vocals and flirtatious, fun acting. 

The rest of the cast shines just as brilliantly with the exceptional expertise of Austin Durant as the jolly, cane-wielding ringmaster, Harold Zidler; André Ward as the wise, revolutionary Toulouse-Lautrec; Gabe Martinez as the passionate and fiery Santiago; and David Harris as the sleazy (but incredibly dashing compared to the film) Duke of Monroth. The ensemble cast rivals the talent of Broadway, fervently embodying their characters as vaudevillian performers, women of the night, and other eccentric figures of the Parisian underworld. 

“Moulin Rouge!” is a must-see while it is here in Utah. From the moment audience members enter the room, they are immersed with delight as though actually visiting the infamous Parisian nightclub. The astonishing set design is not only one of the main focal points of the show but also provides a night of fun escapism where audience members can throw themselves into the story.  Do not miss one of the greatest Broadway shows to ever grace the Eccles Theater! For ticket information and availability, please visit this link.