“Lucky Stiff” – a night in Monte Carlo

Hale Centre Theatre has again and again proven itself as an institution of the finest talent, incredible set design and brilliant directing. This is proven with their production of “Lucky Stiff,” playing now until Nov. 19.

Graphic provided by Hale Centre Theatre

“Lucky Stiff” is the story of a mundane shoe salesman named Henry Witherspoon who comes into a large inheritance from an uncle he has never met — but there is a catch. In order to receive his inheritance, Henry must take the deceased body of his uncle (posed in a wheelchair) on a weeklong trip to Monte Carlo. 

Hale Centre Theatre presented this fun-loving, mixed-up plot with a fierce array of talent helmed by Austin Dorman as Witherspoon. Dorman spellbound the audience with his incredible vibrato and range, not to mention his attention to the small details that had those watching laughing a great deal. His right-hand-woman was the lovely Morgan Fenner Barney as Annabel Glick, whose love for dogs and hilarious encounters with Witherspoon brought a lot of joy to the audience. 

“This cast is the epitome of work hard, play hard,” Barney said via Instagram. “Everyone [on] both casts are staunch professionals with wicked sense[s] of humor. I am humbled every night by the profound talent I get to work with. Being part of such a goofy show sometimes we forget what a gift it is to bring laughter into people’s lives. I can’t wait for the craziness the rest of the run will surely bring.” 

Hale Centre sells tickets on their website at https://hct.org/Online/default.asp and “Lucky Stiff” is the perfect show to escape to Monte Carlo for a night.

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