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Reading Time: 2 minutes Got my first smart phone and it was a definate change

Reading Time: 2 minutes
There are two types of students: ones with smart phones and ones without. But really, if you have ever been on the without side of things, you will know that suddenly you can’t relate to a group of smartphone users.

They are voxing, tweeting, instagraming, facetiming and mastering games you have never played. They also seemed to always be connected to the world through email and are therefore easier to correspond with for many.

For christmas I got my first smartphone. It was actually my dad’s old one and is a little bit out-dated, but I can’t believe how much it changed things.

by Laura Fox_After I got over my identity crisis of not being one of those flip phone people, I was suddenly always fighting the urge to play solitare. I also got quite used to googling every question I had during the day. Living with a smartphone is a whole different life.

There are so many apps that can help a sister out. For example, I have the finding friends app and now I always know where my dad is. If I am thinking about asking him for a favor or a ride, I can simply look to see if he is home or working, then confidently ask.

He also likes to know that I am safe. Somehow he finds comfert in the fact that I am a dot on a map and locateable at any time.

I was somewhat anti-smartphones, especially because I sat in a theater once and looked around to see most everyone on their device instead of being with their friends and family, present and aware.

I don’t know what I think anymore, but I am enjoying my smartphone. I spend more time on facebook and find it easier to read and learn and listen to books on tape. I will figure out if I like it overall one of these days.

By Tiffany S. Thatcher [email protected]

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