Life and Change

Reading Time: 2 minutes


“I’ve been acting like I’m strong, but the truth is I’ve been losing ground.”


I’ve been listening to the song this lyric is from, Dismantling Summer by The Wonder Years, over and over again for the last week.


All that’s been on my mind is the changes I’m making to improve my life. I’m losing weight, moving out of my parent’s basement, and seeing someone about my depression. The changes haven’t been easy, but they are necessary.


It’s taken me too long to realize it, but change is a necessary part of growing up. I have been avoiding growing up for far too long, and I guess it was about time life caught up with me.


At 25, one would think that it would be easy to embrace a life outside of the watchful eye of the guardians that raised me. But I find myself waking up in the night fearing a life outside of their sphere of control. It means I have to take care of myself, and I don’t know if I am able to take that task on.


I worry about what negative changes may come from my decision to leave my old life behind. Will I be able to afford it? Can I actually make a budget and stick to it? Will I be able to fully transition into the responsible adult that my parents raised me to be?


I don’t know the answers to those questions, and that actually excites me. I have been living without change for the last 4 years. I have lived in the same house, had the same job, and have gone to the same school. I haven’t changed until this summer.


Change scares me, but it also gives me a reason to go on. New challenges will present themselves every day, and I will rise to face them. Or I will try and possibly fail. Anything can happen.


So here I am, the new editor for a section I had no interest in at all during my time on the paper. I wanted the challenge of running a section that is busy. The section that chronicles the events and happenings of UVU and its students, and I am not unmoved by the enormity of the task I have chosen to undertake.


Life is about change. It’s what drives the world and the people on it. We react to what is thrown our way, good or bad. We overcome adversity to be able to look ourselves in the eyes and be able to do so with pride.


My life is changing, and so is yours. Please join me on this new adventure.


Welcome to your new Life, UVU.