Laser Tag at UVU

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Laser Tag is a sport in which teams or individuals use a gun that emits an amplified infrared beam when the trigger is pulled. If this beam hits a sensor on the vest or in some cases gun, on the opposing player then he/she is hit and loses a “life.” The game continues until all of the opponents are out of lives or until the set time limit expirers.

According to, Laser tag was invented and manufactured in the 1980’s by two companies, Shoot the Moon Productions and World of Wonder (owner of the trademark name ‘Lazer tag’). These two companies released some of the first publicly available laser tag toys. Today many different companies manufacture laser tag equipment such as: Tiger Electronics, ToyMax’s Laser Challenge line, LaserTron, Laserforce and many more.

UVU’s intramural program has embraced the laser tag frenzy by holding laser tag nights every Tuesday and Thursday in the Student Center from 10p.m-12a.m. The intramural’s program have been doing these nights for about two years. Recently the popularity of the even has been more consistent.

“There are usually about 20-30 people every Tuesday and Thursday but sometimes we have a lot more,” said Event Supervisor
Jesse Llewellyn.

A few of the UVU students that attended Laser last Tuesday described their experience in a few different ways.

“Laser tag is a really good idea for students to come, relax and take their minds off of school,” said Junior Ana Palomera.

A unique aspect about the laser tag intramural program is that it is free to anyone that wants to attend.

“I think that it is really fun. It gets people to come to the school and see that it has a good environment. I also love that it’s open to anyone, UVU student or not,” said freshman
Jeni Bowman.

Besides being fun and relaxing other students describe their laser tag experience as being strange and different.

“It’s different because it’s not a set up area like usual laser tag but I think it’s interesting just like the way you would imagine it, randomly playing in a building,” said Sophomore, David Toomey.

The UVU intramural program is not only known for doing laser tag at school but also for renting the equipment to private events.

“We’ve done private events for the UVU Fraternity, Springville’s 4-H, the University of Utah and Carriage Cove apartment complex,” said Event Supervisor, Caleb Reeve. Reeve went on to explain that rental is on a two hour block schedule with prices varying depending on the size of the group.

by TDMFreshman Jesse Jorgensen said, “It was awesome to play at the apartment complex, there was a lot more room to run and hide which added a whole new element of fun.”

For more information on renting the UVU laser tag equipment for a private party contact the intramural’s office.

UVU’s intramural program also includes activities such as: Armory free play, floorball, basketball, volleyball and sports night. Sports night is a night were the intramural program opens the Center Stage to watch sports, eat pizza and socialize.

“I think the intramural program is all about having a fun place for students to go to have organized sports where you don’t have to be a professional,” said Event Supervisor, Josh DGraw.