Landing your dream job in 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As 2014 comes to an end, another year begins, bringing new classes, new people, and, for many of us, new employment opportunities. If you’ve found your dream job and your goal is to get hired, then check out these five tips to help you accomplish this New Year’s resolution.

First of all, just like any other occasion, you want to be certain to dress appropriately. Eric Roberts, a local manager/supervisor residing in Provo, explains that, when conducting interviews, clothes are his first impression. He cautions, “make sure the clothes are clean and neat and they match the job type you are applying for.”

Decide on your attire ahead of time, and make sure it is ready to go on interview day. When selecting your outfit, remember that your clothes should reflect your personality but not distract from it.

After your outfit is ready, take time to research and prepare yourself for the interview. Your ultimate goal in any job interview is to market yourself as the best person available to hire. In order to do this, you need to know what qualities make you the stand above everyone else from the employer’s perspective.

Jo?rgen Sundberg, founder of internationally acclaimed career and recruiting blog, Undercover Recruiter, recommends talking to your recruiter to find out the type of interview you will be having and the type of questions that will be asked.

If you don’t receive any specific information, be sure to practice answers to the most common interview questions, being careful not to let your answers become too rehearsed and unnatural.

When the day of the interview comes, don’t leave home without a hard copy of your resume. As part of your preparation for the interview, you should tailor your resume to fit the specific job you are interviewing for.

Don’t forget to include a cover letter with your resume. A cover letter is your chance to show the company that your skills and personality are perfect for the job. If you are unsure about what to include in your cover letter and/or resume, there are several online resources you can turn to, including the Wolverine Career Link.

After the interview is over, regardless of whether you feel you will get the job or not, be sure to show courtesy by sending a thank- you letter. This letter can be hand- written or e-mail, but either way it should be sent out on the day the interview takes place.

The last thing you need to do is follow up. According to Roberts, “follow up is a key way to make yourself stand out over other applicants.” He recommends asking what type of follow up would be best – e-mail, phone call, etc. – during the interview.

Roberts also reveals that if two people are standing on equal ground, he is more likely to hire the one who follows up afterwards. A simple check back could mean the difference between landing the job and starting your job search all over again.

The best way to start 2015 is by finally getting hired for the job you’ve had your eye on since 2014. Just relax and follow these five tips and you’re sure to ace that interview and land the job.