Intramural Sports

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Does flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, laser tag or Monday night football peak your interest? If so, you may want to check out what the Intramurals department has to offer. David LaMont, Intramurals program manager, thinks that it’s a great way to interact with other students. He has been involved for a while with the on-campus sports and activities community here at UVU, and at the University of Utah.

“Intermural Sports are a stress reliever, a great way to stay physically fit and also be social. You’re able to meet a bunch of new people that are interested in the kinds of things that you are interested in,” LaMont said.

Taylor Allred, a communications major, had a great experience with this program. Allred played both basketball and flag football.

“I love intramurals because sports are something that can bring everybody together for a healthy and fun cause. I feel competition is one of the most important life activities. It teaches you how to work together and try to outperform the next guy,” Allred said.

The Intramurals program also has competitive and noncompetitive events happening year-round. Monday nights are free pizza nights, where students can gather to watch football and socialize. The student center on Tuesdays and Thursdays hosts a game or two of free laser tag. On Wednesdays, the rock wall is available to try crate-stacking. The objective of this activity is to stack as many milk crates as possible and stand on top, without losing footing or balance. Open play is another activity that is offered.

“Open play is scheduled times for different sports like badminton, pickle ball, and other things during the day. So if people are interested in either learning or playing they can just kind of pop their head in. Don’t have to pay anything, don’t have to sign up for anything, they can just show up and play,” LaMont said.

“Intramurals create an environment for students to be active and interact with other students,”said Zach Williams, who is a business major. He has loved being able to play with friends on the UVU football and basketball intramural teams. Whether you are competitive, wanting to get a fun workout in, itching to meet new people, or if you’re just in it for the free pizza, Intramurals has plenty of activities that students can enjoy.