In search of more green men

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Current Green Man Group members played with potential members during the auditions

The rhythmic pulse of booming bass drums drove the abrasive cadence of snare drums late into the evening in the Gunther Technology’s Music Department.


With another school year coming to an end, the progressively prominent and exclusive entertainment-centered drumline known as the Green Man Group inspected a group of about 15 applicants Friday night, April 6, for positions on the 2012-2013 drum line.


Clint Pulver, senior Communications major and director of the Green Man Group, played an integral role in the genesis of the crowd-

pleasing group of students who dress in green “morph suits” and pump the crowd full of excitement with each beat of their drum sticks. Pulver passion for the group bled through when he explained his idea of what the two-year-old UVU drumline means to him and to the university.


Director Clint Pulver articulates expectations of Green Man Group members

“We’ve created something that’s been a major tradition and it’s put UVU on the map in a lot of locations,” Pulver said. “It’s great for the kids, phenomenal for the school and it’s really given UVU something else to be proud of.”


The Green Man Group has grown in size as well as renown in the past two years, with the line now including five snare drums, two “quad” tenor drums, two cymbals and five bass drums. Beginning with UVU women’s basketball and volleyball games, the line has advanced to include performances for UVU men’s basketball, the Utah Grizzlies and ultimately earning a contract with the Utah Jazz last year.


With such a rich history, the candidates for next year’s line have big green shoes to fill, both with the musical skill as well as the showmanship that the gregarious green men are known for. But as Pulver explained, skill is not the sole factor in choosing the new members of the group.

“It’s not about perfection, it’s about passion,” Pulver said.


If any of the group members embody this passion, Jonathan Latham, junior Political Science major and founding member of the drum line, certainly does. He was going to leave UVU for a drumline opportunity at Brigham Young University until he had a chance to work with Pulver putting the group together.


“You won’t find anything else like it in Utah,” Latham said. “That’s what won me over to UVU again.”


Music Director Kenton Nielson talks to potential green men about percussion technique and potential rehearsal schedules

After having a chance to prove their rudimentary percussion proficiency and technique, audition applicants heard from this year’s green men about what it was like to embody such a character, as well as learn about the responsibilities one takes on when donning the green suit.


That is the best part, according to freshmen Emergency Services major Kevin Casciere, who described wearing the suit as one of his favorite parts, since “you get to be whoever you want to be,” shedding typical social inhibitions.


Students with the appetite for drumming and entertaining with the Green Man Group who missed the tryouts should not despair. Pulver explained that he is always looking for more talent, not just on audition day. In fact, several of the current members of the line were recruited mid-season.


For more information, visit the group’s Facebook page, visit the UVUSA office at SC 105 or email [email protected]


By Jeff Jacobsen

Online Content Manager