Humans of UVU: Chrissy Keller

Chrissy Keller, a soon to be 2020 UVU graduate, shares her 15-year journey to graduation:

Chrissy Keller, President of the Utah County Republican Women organization, U.S. representative at international folk festivals in 35 countries as the lead vocalist and mandolin player with the World Wide Association of Performing Artists (WWAPA), licensed Esthetician and makeup artist, and future UVU 2020 graduate shares her insights on her journey at UVU as it comes to an end.

In an interview, Keller told about her story at UVU. Her journey began in 2005 with her first semester here at UVU, studying Elementary Education, and she studied at UVU until deciding to serve a Latter-day Saint Mission from 2008-2010. After returning from her mission, she came back to UVU in the fall of 2010 and stayed until 2012. During this time, Keller switched her major to Dental Hygiene. In 2012 Keller began having health issues; she has Endometriosis and was only able to return to UVU in 2018 to continue her schooling, switching her major to Spanish with a double minor in communications and business.

“UVU has given me priceless opportunities,” said Keller. “I can sincerely say that the majority of my most prized relationships have come because of my connection to UVU. I will forever be grateful to this university for the memories and opportunities I have been given to get involved and meet uplifting people!”

As an 18-year-old freshman, Keller was picked for the UVU Presidential Ambassador position and scholarship. During her time here at UVU, Keller has become apart of 11 organizations including Student Alumni Association as a Director of Alumni Relations, Co-Founder of the Fashion Club on campus, studying abroad in France for Culture, studying abroad in Spain for Business, Student Advisor in the Presidential Leadership Program, Assistant to Utah Senator Deidre Henderson and Campus Tour Guide with the Student Ambassador Association, to name a few.

“I have applied to be a part of all of these campus organizations because I feel most happy and inspired when I am surrounded by high quality and like-minded people,” said Keller. 

Keller is the youngest of her ten siblings, and, similar to a tv show dream, they all perform in a band together. As part of the WWAPA, Keller sings/plays and travels to different countries to spread the word about cultural identity and diversity appreciation. Keller’s family band, Clog America, was able to travel to France, Italy, and more just last summer.

“Being the youngest of 10 remarkable siblings, I have been the beneficiary of observing and learning from their examples and experiences all my life. Music has magically connected us. I am eternally grateful to my dedicated parents for the sacrifices they made to form a family band,” said Keller.

Through her UVU journey, Keller’s ultimate goal is to become an educated wife and mother and to raise a successful family. She’s excited to apply her UVU education in Spanish, Business, and Communications to share a bilingual presentation and inspire strong families all over the world.

“The sky is the limit at UVU, so dream big! As long as you put in the work, UVU provides all the resources you will need to succeed!”

Photos Courtesy of Chrissy Keller

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