Humans of UVU: Xu “Keira” Sun

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Xu DzKeiradz Sun, originally from Henan, the most populated province in China, moved to Texas to pursue both an MBA and the Doctorial degree in Finance in 2011.

Four years later, upon finishing two degrees, Sun relocated to Utah, becoming an associate professor at the Woodbury School of Business.Sun especially enjoys every moment with her students who are from diverse backgrounds.

“I am impressed by the qualities of our students and we have the most uniquestudent body that you can hardly find in any other schools in Utah,” Sun said.

Helping students to learn and to grow, and also serving the local Utah County community through higher education have become Keira’s goals and motivations at UVU. Sun truly loves living here in Utah.

“When it comes to life, the most important factor is the security,” Keira explained, “I feel safe living here and indeed enjoy what Utah has to offer.”

Outside work, Sun likes to exercise in the gym and explore Utah’s beauty with her husband, who is also from China. Compared to the life in China, Keira is grateful for the life and experience in the USA. The peaceful life as a professor in Utah has allowed her to maintain a peaceful heart. It has given her a chance to develop a new understanding about life.

“We will inevitably encounter problems and hardships even, but you will eventually have to learn to adjust to them by thinking positively and living a balanced way,” Sun said.

Sun shares her secret to happiness, “I believe we are the owners of our lives, so you can make anything happen if you put your heart into it.”

As an immigrant, Sun finds her new life both exciting and challenging. She said she has to work harder as an international faculty member.

“I was not born and raised here and that has definitely given me obstacles in terms of culture and communication. However, that is why I have to give my best, or I will not be able to survive in the new country,” Sun said.