How’s Everyone’s First Month Back?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Students at Utah Valley University started their fall semester on Aug. 23, 2021. Some Wolverines choose to come back to campus to get their education, some choose to stay online. Either method of school, Wolverines have completed a busy three weeks back on campus. 

UVU has many buildings on its main campus, meaning there are a lot of things to find and a lot of room to explore. Mikki Jenson, a sophomore at UVU shared, “Everything was easy to find for the most part. It was exciting to be back on a school campus and [get] to interact with so many new people.”  

Even though getting around campus is easy for some, it is understandable if students get lost even after the first month. UVU has placed maps all over campus and students can go to to access all of the UVU campus maps. 

UVU has close to 41,000 students and some of those students only participate online. Those students don’t have to worry about navigating around campus, but navigating around Canvas can be just as tricky for some.  

Skylee Morris, a junior at UVU shared some of her favorite things about being an exclusively online student. “I don’t think I would have chosen [exclusively] online classes if it wasn’t for the pandemic,” she said. “I realized I have had more success with online classes and I like that I can sort of go at my own pace. It is kind of stressful at first and it is a lot less personal so I miss that, but it’s easier to get ahead because I have access to all the material at once.” 

Now that students have experienced nearly a month of classes, they are beginning to form an opinion about their favorite classes, teachers and places.  

“My favorite class at UVU at this point has been English 2010 taught by Nick Gorrel,” said Jonathan Larson, a senior. “[Gorrel] provided great insight on English and writing, and about how knowledge of both can help us better ourselves and our surroundings.”  

Faith Ward is a transfer student who is currently in her junior year at UVU. Ward said, “I like how inclusive [UVU is]. [My] professors really made sure to focus on one person at a time and they also focused on what each individual was saying.”  

There are many different things to look forward to while attending UVU outside of the classroom. The university has planned events ranging from job fairs to magic shows and everything in between — Wolverines will be able to begin participating in these events soon.  

The start of this fall semester has just begun, there is still plenty of time for students to learn their way around campus and get the hang of things.