How to keep a “social” pulse on campus life

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Email is just too much of a hassle for many students to keep up on what’s going on campus, so we have put together a list of our recommended social media profiles you should be following to make your college life that much better.



  • Utah Valley University official Facebook page (  UVU does a good job at keeping its facebook page up to date with the latest going on at UVU. From activities coming up to the latest happenings you’ll be in the know.
  • UVU Intramurals ( What’s better than playing laser tag throughout UVU at night, or Frisbee golf by the pond? If those types of activities interest you Intramurals keeps UVU students entertained with some really creative activities.



  • UVUCHSS (@uvuchss): Having established a nice tradition of posting not just great pictures of the university, but of the valley, UVU College of Humanities and Sciences is one worth following just for the great pics.
  • UVUReview (@UVUReview): So yes we are shameless in putting ourselves in this list, but hey we put out some great things on Instagram. From cool shots of the University, to events happening on and off campus we will keep you up to date visually.
  • UVU Study Abroad (@uvustudyabroad): UVU has students all over the world, and you get to see a really neat glimpse into the international life through all the pictures posted by those students on the Study Abroad Instagram feed.



  • Utah Valley University (@utahvalleyuniv): Find out what is going on in the world of UVU with the latest on news, events, and…
  • UVU Outdoor Adventure Center (@UVU_OAC): Utah is like a giant outdoor playground, and the UVU OAC makes it even easier to enjoy by putting together cheap trips, renting equipment and keeping you up to date on the latest happenings.
  • UVUs The Zone (@UVUsTheZone): Directly across from the UVU Bookstore, the Zone hosts daily learning and engaging activities from ukulele lessons to couponing and it’s all free to students.
  • UVU Athletics (@WolverineGreen): Sports at UVU are going to get a whole lot more interesting now that they are part of the WAC. UVU Athletics twitter account does a great job on keeping you up to date on anything UVU sports related.
  • UVU Review (@UVUReview) Of course you would want to follow us on Twitter, I mean why not?