How to go green for earth day

Reading Time: 2 minutes

April 22 is Earth Day and there is no better way to celebrate than to give the world a little more love. Thankfully, the day falls on a Saturday so you can spend a little time outdoors enjoying nature rather than in class. Here are some things that you can do to give Earth a little TLC:

Skip the steak

Red meat production emits five times the amount of carbon monoxide and methane than poultry or pork. Switching out steak for grilled chicken on Earth Day will emit less harmful greenhouse gases. The meat market focuses on supply and demand like most industries. If the demand is lower, the supply will also be lower, emitting less harmful chemicals into the air.

Use clean transportation

Biking, walking or using public transit can take a little more time, but it’ll significantly lower your carbon footprint. They are also a great way to see your town in a new light and get a little exercise. Try walking to places that are less than a mile away. Make it an adventure to get ice cream on foot or bike to the mall.

Recycle your possessions

Spend a little time taking note of possessions that can be reused and serve another purpose. You can recycle more than plastic, paper and biodegradable items. Donating clothes and items that can go to someone in need also helps the earth and a helps a fellow human being.

Take a shorter shower

Water is such a precious resource. The change in your shower routine doesn’t have to be drastic. Five minutes less in the shower saves 10.5 gallons of water. This makes you a little eco-friendlier and saves you money on your water bill. The earth is important. We all live on it and our future generations will live on it too. Let’s keep it healthy and vibrant. If we take care of it, it will take care of us.