How to host a seasonal party

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Halloween is over which means the all the costume parties are done. There goes your chance to have an amazing party. However, the fall season has so many other great reasons and ways to celebrate. Pumpkins and apples are still very much in season, and the warm orange and reds of the leaves feel homey. Celebrate the beauty of the approaching holiday season with these fun tips:

Decorate Pumpkins in a New Way

Carving pumpkins as ghosts and wolves is a fun Halloween party game, but you can take your pumpkin decorations to a new level. Painting the pumpkins fun colors, adding sparkles, or maybe a few gems and pearls can make it a fun party game for any fall party. Putting twists on old classics is always a crowd pleaser and decorating pumpkins in a different way can be a fresh new way for your guests to think creatively and enjoy themselves.

Have Season Inspired treats

Apple slices and peanut butter are a healthy snack that we usually don’t have out at parties, but this is the perfect season to enjoy apples. Hot cocoa and apple cider are also season favorites that can be out and about for your guests to enjoy. You can also have a pumpkin pie-eating contest to turn up the competition with your friends. Fall food traditions are one of the things that people enjoy most about this season so make sure to add these favorites to your to-do list.

Get in the Season Mood

Music always sets the mood. Have a playlist on Spotify that represents crisp cold weather and sweater- wearing days blending in the background of your party. This also avoids awkward silences and always gives your guests something to do. Dim the lights for a softer feel and light some spice candles, not only to increase the lighting feel but also to add a lovely scent to your place.

Sweater Weather

Ask your guests to bring their favorite or least favorite sweater to the event. Sweater parties mean fall is here all the way and they create a cozy atmosphere to the room. It gets the group to feel like they are all included, and you could even play it up by having a Sweater Contest.

Games. Games. Games.

Movies are fun to have in the background at a fall party as part of the “music” element, but in order to get your group excited and into the spirit of things, you need to play some games. You can do the traditional bobbing for apples or horseshoe games, but they require being outside. You can also put fall twists in some of the classics as well. Play Fall-themes charades or Pictionary. Make the circles on the Twister mat different season vegetables. Get creative with your party games and don’t be afraid to make them lame because just reminding people of their childhood brings them joy.

Your season party can be as big of a hit as any costume blow out. There are tons of fun and unique things that you can do in a pre-holiday party that are otherwise impossible during actual holidays. You have the freedom to pick and choose and not be set to any standard or activities.

You can have a get-together that can defies all expectations because there are none. With these tips, you are ready to have your friends fall in love with your parties, and you will have some great new ways to enjoy the upcoming holidays stress-free.

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