Have lunch from around the world without stepping off campus

International Food Extravaganza

By Kelly Cannon
Life Editor


It was an extravaganza of the senses, combining the sights, smells, sounds and tastes from around the world. As part of the Global Engagement Week, the International Student Council and the UVU International Center hosted the International Food Extravaganza on Thursday, Nov. 10 in Centre Stage.


13 countries were represented at the food extravaganza, each with traditional food for the attendees to sample. “The students made the food,” said Dinar Kunakaev, the International Student Council President. “Each team had $50 to make their food.”


Items on the menu included bob de camarao, white rice with a shrimp coconut sauce from Brazil, Alloco, a fried bbq chicken and meat kebabs from the Ivory Coast and Daeji Bulgoi, a tasty meat dish. Andry Aleksangov and Valeriya Levechenko, both from Moscow, Russia, served blini, the Russian form of crepes and draniki, a hashbrown pancake topped with smetana, or sour cream. “We made all of this yesterday,” Aleksangov said. “We made it all. Nothing was bought.”


While attendees dined, the international students provided entertainment from their home countries. Different performances included Polynesian dancing and singing.


The extravaganza was also a competition amongst the represented countries. A panel of four volunteers tasted all the various dishes. The judges included Michael Taylor, Area IT Director for the Woodbury School of Business, Heather Jenkins, Area Technician for the Woodbury School of Business, Brett Breton, Assistant Director of the Multicultural Center and Katty Perez, Academic Advisor–Latino Specialist.


The International Student Council hosted the same event last year, with about 300 people in attendence. “This year we’re expecting 300 or so,” Dinar said. The money made from the event will go back into the council’s budget for future events.

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