Haunted Utah: Local spooks and stories

Reading Time: 2 minutes At the heart of Utah is an array of interesting urban legends and true tales of encounters with death, the supernatural and the psychopathic. These locations in particular are known to send chills up the spine.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Utah’s rich history is full of stories of beauty and bravery —  but it also holds many dark secrets beneath its surface. Over the generations, tales have been passed down through families, of locations said to hold dark energy, haunting records of ghost confrontations and even very real instances of murder and mayhem. With some research and a spooky-centered discussion done on our Reddit page, r/UVUReview, the narratives took a sharp turn into the realm of terror.

  1. Ted Bundy’s Cave

One of the most well-known and spoken-of locations in Utah when thinking of the sinister and spooky has been dubbed “Ted Bundy’s Cave.” The serial killer spent a good amount of time in the Beehive state in the 70s and was known to have committed several atrocities while visiting. Though there are many rumored locations in Utah of Bundy’s horrific acts, the most prominent was where 17-year-old Laura Aime’s body was found in American Fork Canyon in 1974. Since this tragedy, there has been a lot of hearsay centered on members of the occult and satanic worshippers visiting this spot and performing rituals. 

  1. Skinwalker (Sherman) Ranch 

When originally asking about haunted locations and stories on Reddit, user Alandala87 said, “BYU (just kidding). Skinwalker ranch definitely.” Located in the Uintah Basin of northeast Utah lies what has, as of 2016, been legally named “Skinwalker Ranch.” From the land, a plethora of stories have emerged, claiming the land to be a hotbed of supernatural activity ranging from UFO sightings to encounters with unearthly entities. The ranch has become world-famous for the amount of documented sightings, as well as “one of the most scientifically studied paranormal hotspots on the planet” according to Vice. Whether or not aliens are real, the spot remains one of the most popular haunts in Utah. 

  1. Latuda, Utah

“Latuda, a small ghost town just up in Spring Canyon, southeastern Utah,” posted user ChiefAoki on Reddit. “About 7 miles west of Helper, home of the White Lady.” Home to coal miners in the late 19th century, Latuda is now a ghost town and infamously known as the haunting grounds of “the White Lady of Latuda.” Originally seen as an omen of bad luck to men heading into the mines, stories of the White Lady carried a warning with them. In one version of the story, she was a widow whose grief became too fierce after her husband’s death in the mines. Another states that both her husband and son were killed at work, leaving her alone with an infant daughter. Regardless of its origin, a white specter at the mouth of a closed-down mine would be enough to haunt anyone.

Though only a glimpse at a few of the many reportedly haunted locations in Utah, it’s enough to send shivers down the spines of even the bravest spooky season enthusiasts. 

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