Halloween Pet Costume Contest Best Looks

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Review hosted a Halloween pet costume contest! Scroll to see some impeccably dressed friends!

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This Halloween, The Review got into the spooky season spirit by holding a pet Halloween costume contest! This was for all the lovely furry, scaled, feathered, etc., members of the family who had a great holiday getup! Since there was a limited number of submissions, we decided to include every single one here on The Review’s website and let the pets and their parents/guardians know they totally rocked it! Without further ado, here are the fantastical, fancifully dressed Halloween pets:

First up, we have the lovely Beta fish Gilbert dressed as a catfish. The originality. The subtly. Wonderful. Gilbert was submitted by Courtney Larson! Congratulations and thank you for submitting!

Next up, Ana Coloma submitted her two lovely cats from Peru! Their names are Luchito and Ale. Luchito is a rescued Peruvian cat who is dressed as a pirate ready to “[sail] the deep seas of the Atlantic Ocean searching [for] special gold cookies,” Coloma wrote in her submission. Ale is dressed as a honeybee. “She is learning how honeybees dance to tell the other bees in the hive where the high-quality pollen is located.” Thank you Ana, Luchito and Ale!

Third, we have Clara Araujo who submitted the devilishly handsome Prince Romeo dressed as both a unicorn and a pirate. GET A LOAD OF THE HAT MY FRIENDS, THE CUTE IS TOO MUCH. Thanks, Clara and Prince Romeo!

And last, but absolutely not least, we have Alivia Birch who submitted the amazing Lorenzo! Here he is shown wearing none other than a taco costume. Birch wrote, “[He] is dressed as a chicken taco. [He] clucking loves [his] costume!” Unprecedented. Incredible. Thank you Alivia and Lorenzo!

Thank you to all the pets and the parents who submitted their photos! We seriously loved viewing each photo here at The Review, it seriously gave us an incredible serotonin boost. For those who did enter, please reach out to Gentry White to see what prizes we can offer!