Graphoanalysis: the study of handwriting

Reading Time: 2 minutes

One problem with the growing rise in electronic writing, and less cursive writing is the loss of one very valuable skill. I’m talking about graphoanalysis. What is graphoanalysis? It’s the study of handwriting. By studying a person’s handwriting you are able to learn certain, hidden, traits in the personality that the writer may not even be aware of.

Cursive writing is great because it expresses the traits more accurately and more efficiently; however, a person could just as easily see some of the traits in non-cursive handwriting.

There are many, many traits you can see through handwriting. I will note only two different types now.

To start out, write a cursive lower case ‘t’. One important thing to note is where the ‘t’ bar is placed. Is it near the bottom? Is it in the middle? Is it on top? Is it above the tip? Each trait signifies something. Now, it should be noted that the more ‘t’s’ you write out the more accurate your writing is. It should also be noted that mood affects the way you write.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf the ‘t’ bar is at the tip or higher, then the ambitions you have may be far too out of reach; they could be a little impossible. If the ‘t’ bar is at the top, but not past the tip, than it shows high ambitions, but ambitions that need help from others. If the ‘t’ bar is between the top and the middle, it shows high ambitions, but ambitions that do not require help. As it can be guessed, if the ‘t’ bar is at the middle, it shows average ambitions that too do not require help. If the ‘t’ bar is low, it shows low goals, and a possible feeling of unwillingness to change.

Now let’s move onto another letter. Write out a few cursive k’s. What do you see? Is the k buckle large and very apparent? The bigger it is, the more the writer of such a ‘k’ questions authority, be it religious, political, parents, or some other force of nature that tries to take control. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I would argue it is a very good thing, but then again I am biased, my k buckles are rather large. The smaller, insignificant ‘k’ buckles show a more passive approach to authority.

Like it was noted earlier, there are a tremendous amount of parts to the writing. What I have given is the smallest bite of a very intriguing ability. I believe that the more the skill is understood, the more others may want to write in cursive. Maybe in that way we could keep cursive writing alive and well.