‘Getting Jiggy With It’

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Justin Thorn, Staff Writer, [email protected]

On Feb. 6, 13 brave men stepped forward to take off their shirts in the name of competition.

Dating back to 1989, the Mr. UVU pageants have been a vital part of campus life. Men have an opportunity to display their talents, swimwear and chiseled torsos in an effort to win a $500 cash prize.

This year’s theme, ‘’Gettin Jiggy With It,’’ offered plenty of room for the competitors to let loose the animal within and throw shame out the window.

Tyler Hemmert, who won the people’s choice award, wore a lovely sheepskin pelt around his waist during the evening portion of the night.

‘’I’m so happy, filled with joy. This was so much fun!” said Tyler.

When asked how it felt to present himself half-naked in front of a theater full of strangers, he said, “It feels pretty natural. I might consider it for the rest of my life… my parents won’t be very proud.”

There were also some great talents, including an impromptu rap by Ty Martin and a piano solo by Paul Peterson.

“It was fun, I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing,” said Ty Martin.

There was also a plethora of comedic talents. One competitor, Nathan Hansen, ironed the shirt off his back, and then the pants from his legs, all while dancing to “I’m too sexy.’’

“It was definitely something that was out of my comfort zone, which is what I like to do. I always like to try new things and push myself in different aspects of life. And being in front of people is one of my fears, so I just signed up for it to conquer my fear. Just like I would anything else,” said Hansen

With lots of laughs, and goofing off, the audience nearly filled the Ragan Theater’s full capacity.

‘’It was the best thing, getting ready for it, learning the choreographed dance, and being back there. It was probably a lot different than a women’s pageant, because all the guys were like a team back there.” Tyler Tanner

As the pageant wound down to an end, the audience had an opportunity to vote in their favorite contestant and chose Keyko Vazquez as the winner.

Following the announcement, Vazquez shared his feelings about his win. “I feel really good! I’m tired, I stayed up all night making my costume!”

For those considering competing next year, Vazquez said to “just go for it, try not to over think it, just go and have fun because that’s all it really is.”

People’s Choice Award – Tyler Hemmert,

The second runner-up – Chance Richter

The first runner-up – Tyler Tanner

And the new Mr. UVU – Keyko Veazquez