Four reasons why incoming wolverines should join a club this fall

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Clubs at UVU are preparing for Fall 2018 with Club Rush, a fun and helpful event for students to mingle with members and learn which  clubs share their interests.

Joining a club is a great way for students to get involved and can provide an insightful learning experience.-Below are four reasons why incoming students should consider joining a club.

  1. It’s a great approach to developing strong leadership skills. Each club has leadership positions available that provide students the opportunity to serve.

“I think personally, that being a part of [a club] has helped me with a lot of different leadership skills because getting involved with the clubs for one is really great because you form a community around you”, said Shaina Snyder, President of the NWA, “and then getting involved with the programming, with the fundraisers and helping out with small things here and there it is really good to take responsibility over something and see it succeed.”

  1. Members can network and learn how to better communicate. By spending time serving, attending events and working together to accomplishing club goals, students learn to communicate with each other, administration and community members.

“Networking… You are networking with students… and you need to be able to communicate in groups and teams. So a club environment is kind of an additional resource outside of a classroom setting,” said Cam Sackett, a member of the UX/Product Design Club.

  1. It helps students stay open minded and change their perspective. Clubs provide real-life experiences for students, outside of the classroom. Students are exposed to situations and people that widen their perspectives and broaden their horizons.

“It is to help you find other people you wouldn’t think would have similar interests. It can have kind of a shock value in a way…. Seeing that jock being really into gaming, or that cheerleader really into chemistry or rugby… It just keeps students more open minded. Maybe I shouldn’t stick with the highschool mindset,” said Rudy Alba, Club Ambassador.

  1. Not only is it a useful tool to grow your career, it is fun! Student life can be stressful. By joining a club, your social circle grows, while you spend time reenergizing, away from electronics and books.

Alba also said, “It is just a great way to make friends, be more active. Not just going to class, and then work, and go back home into your room and watch TV or however you spend your time there. It gets students to come out and have fun and network with other people. Who knows, that person you were in a club with could be the next CEO of a company, or an advertising agent, and you can keep those connections after the school year.”

These are only four of numerous reasons why being involved in a club can improve your university experience. Attend Club Rush to find a club that interests you. Join us September 18-19th of Fall 2018 on UVU campus, or visit ( where you can learn more about the many clubs at UVU.