Fear Factory: Fright Nights of Fun

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fear Factory is celebrating twelve seasons of Halloween haunts fit for Hollywood. Here is our interview with owner, Rob Dunfield, and his spooky seasons spent at Fear Factory.

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Located in downtown Salt Lake City lies what used to be known as the Portland Cement Factory. For the last twelve years, though, this former industrial yard has shifted from producing concrete to producing entertaining nights of fearful fun. Highly rated by the likes of Buzzfeed, USA Today and The Travel Channel, spooky season enthusiasts all over the world declare that Fear Factory is one haunted attraction that cannot be missed.

Upon entering Fear Factory, there is already a palpable aura of fear and excitement. The actors are hard at work; some stroll through the concession and ticket lines, ready to sneak up on unsuspecting patrons. The place is decked out with fog machines and the echoing shouts of both fear and laughter coming from the attraction itself. There are extensive lines streaming from every direction as guests get ready for their turn to enter the haunt. Upon entering, they are met with ghouls, goblins and serial killers of all kinds, not to mention some incredible special effects fit for a horror film. 

Meeting with owner, Rob Dunfield, brought some light into the spooky origins of Fear Factory. “I grew up doing this from the time I could walk,” Dunfield said. “I [kind of] grew up just learning the ropes, following my dad around. He would build [haunted houses], staff them and act in them, and do everything. He was the chairman of The March of Dimes Haunted House at The Old Mill back in the 70s and 80s. So, from that time on, I developed a love of building haunted houses and scaring people and dressing up and having fun!”

Fear Factory utilizes the elements well in order to envelop guests in an environment of full-scale terror. There are platforms that move underfoot, sharp spurts of air shot loudly and randomly in all directions and even a pass where patrons give the actors permission to touch them. It results in an extra-sinister experience that is not to be missed. And Fear Factory doesn’t stop there. In a particularly terrifying piece of the excursion, 3D glasses are passed out for guests to wear and effectively bring the entire scene to life, with clowns and colors dancing all around. 

Sound like a good time? Well, for those a bit weary of haunted houses, Rob Dunfield relayed this message: “Just try it! Remember that we try to make it as realistic as possible for the excitement, but it is all fantasy, and it’s all for fun. So, scared as you might get, if you remember that it’s probably another teenager on the other side of the mask, it’s all in good fun and you can usually get through it.”Fear Factory, though a haunted attraction, is one of the best nighttime events in Salt Lake City, period. When Fear Factory reopens, it always emerges with an incredible prowess in the haunt industry and a passion for scaring the daylights out of people. Feeling like something spooky this Halloween? Visit the link here for ticket information and head down to Fear Factory for some good (and haunting) memories!

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