End of the world

Will the world end on December 21?

As December looms closer, a question arises on many students’ minds: Will the world end on December 21? According to the theory that when the Mayan calendar ends, the world will come to an end suggests that it will.

The Mayan calendar comes from the pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichén Itzá. This pyramid has four stairways, each with 91 steps and a platform on top adding to a total of 365 steps which equals the number of days in our modern calendar. The Mayan calendar is believed to have a close correlation with our modern-day calendar. The Mayan calendar is believed to end on the date that correlates with our December 21, 2012.

So the question is, do people really believe that world is going to end in December? According to many UVU students, the possibility appears to be slim.

“I don’t think the world is going to end,” said freshman Nicole Kettle. “They’ve predicted the world was going to end before and it never did.”

When asked if the recent unusual hurricane Sandy or the predicted earthquake that is projected to hit the Rocky Mountains any day now has influenced the students’ opinion of the supposed end of the world, sophomore Daylin Sperry said, “I think that the end of the world is getting closer but I don’t exactly think the storm has anything to do with it.”

Freshman Sam Driessen agreed with Sperry, saying, “I kind of want it to be the end of the world but I don’t think the storm will do it. I think if the world is going to end it will be because we as a society will cause it.”

By: Cheyenn Clayburn, [email protected]

5 thoughts on “End of the world

  1. Before making fun of such NONSENSE why don’t you write after the 21. IF you are still alive , Let us talk After predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012 December – 21st December is JUST a Southern Solstice (OUR WINTER solstice) and Nothing ELSE.

  2. No the world is not going to end its all fake i think that man predicted that the world will end in 1872 but it didnt soo just live and forgett about it but IM TELLING YOU IT WONT END (also according to my dad who is a scientist!!)

  3. The world will end on 21 December also it will begin for pepole too the world ends and begins every day for pepole so come Xmas day I think we will all be sitting tound the dinner table eating Turkey and the kids fighting over who won the prize in the cracker then every one snoring after dinner kids whinning I’m bord and mountains of filthy dishes that are higher than the New York sky scrapers then January everyone is moaning they have no money spent on x,as and probley the batteries have worn out of the Kids Furbies and everyone’s gained like 10 stone in weight due to over eating all that festive grub I think that’s what will happen thise December I know it will in my family and I’d better go and see Rise of the Gaurdians quick in case the world does endl lol but I’ll repostin Januar or Febuary then we can all have a good laugh about 2012

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