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school and work

There are a variety of summer jobs students hold, ranging from home security and pest control, summer sales to life guarding at Seven Peaks Waterpark, but regardless, the goal is the same – to pay tuition.

Corinne Crump, a senior in the Elementary Education program, has changed her work hours at Pinnacle Security from part-time to full-time in hopes of earning enough money to support herself when the fall semester begins. Crump is not taking any classes during the summer and will be completing her student teaching in the fall, which will not leave her enough time to have a full-time or even a part-time job, so these summer months are crucial for saving money.

“I wish I was able to work in the fall, but my school schedule will be too busy. I’m lucky I have a full-time job during the summer so I’ll still be able to afford tuition without working in the fall,” Crump said.

Although she misses summers spent hanging out with friends by the pool, Crump said she knows saving as much money as possible is important before school starts again.

Many students can relate to Crump because they stop taking classes in the summer and focus on their jobs, but there are other students who continue taking classes during the summer and work at the same time. Focusing on financing future semesters is stressful enough, but with the addition of a full school schedule, the summer months have the potential to be just as busy, if not busier, than the rest of the school year.

Giancarlo Improta, a Communication major, is taking 15 credits this semester so he will be able to graduate in December. He is also working a full-time job, which makes his summer anything but relaxing.

By Melissa Lindsey

Assistant Life Editor