Dum Luv set to release new single on Jan. 15

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It is no secret that recent events have disrupted many people’s way of life. Regardless of these disruptions, several within the Utah music scene have innovatively sought ways to continue the pursuit of their passions. One Utah band, Dum Luv, has persisted through these difficult times and are set to release a new single on Friday, Jan. 15. 

“Obviously, not being able to play shows sucks, but it has given us time to work on our EP and write some new music. We became a band at an interesting time, our first show was a month before the covid lockdowns started,” said the group of their time in quarantine, mentioning a single socially distanced show they were able to play in early October.

“The best part is connecting with the audience,” lead singer Dante Rhymes told The Review shortly after the October show. The band’s aptitude for connecting with their audience may well be at the center of their typically emotional repertoire.

And according to the group, their upcoming release will keep in tone with that, as they unofficially label themselves a “sad-boy-pop band.” 

The new song “Molly,” was according to the group, inspired by the likes of Molly Ringwald who starred in “The Breakfast Club,” “Sixteen Candles,” and “Pretty in Pink.” 

“Who wasn’t crushing on Molly Ringwald in the ’80s?” Rhymes said in an interview in early January. 

In addition to the upcoming release, the band excitedly anticipates the moment they can get back on the live stage. “When shows come back, we’ll hit the ground running and would love to see everyone there,” Rhymes said. For more information on the band’s upcoming events, releases and news, follow them on Instagram @dum.luv.band or check them out on Spotify.