Drive-in movie: An Incredible night of nostalgia

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The Utah Valley University Activity Committee put together a drive-in movie night showcasing “Incredibles 2”, which was newly released on DVD and Blu-ray. On Sept. 24, 2018, they inflated a massive screen and advertised all around the school. At the event they also decorated with red, orange and yellow balloons, many of which were taken by the children attending.

Some of the attendees learned about the event through Facebook and friends. Devin Anderson, an information systems senior, brought his wife and son, who was dressed as Dash. The three were comfortably set up on an air mattress in the front of the parking lot. He said, “Drive-ins have a different kind of environment, people don’t expect you to be quiet. Where in movie theatres, you have to worry about that kind of thing all the time.” Anderson also admitted to the perks of being allowed to bring your own food, which makes drive-ins efficient and relaxed. He said that he had been around when drive-ins were thriving and recalled seeing “Pocahontas” at one.

Stevi Johnson, a behavioral science senior, also brought her son to the drive-in. She made similar sentiments to Anderson, but added that she liked how you could bring “the whole family and spend time outside.” She too acknowledged that she had been to lots of drive-ins before most of them shut down. She remembers having seen “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” at one because drive-ins are not only limited to family-friendly films.

Attendee Vickie Bentley said that she had never been to a drive-in before as most shut down when she was growing up. She was very excited to be there and watch “Incredibles 2” with her friends.

According to Vice President of UVU’s activity committee, Shayla Northcott, and the Chair of Special Events, Annie Smith, around 2,664 people attended the event. “We were anticipating 800,” Smith said. Smith also said that they chose a drive-in movie format because drive-ins are a “different environment…more unified than a movie theatre.” Northcott and Smith said that they had hoped to encourage “non-traditional students” to attend, as much of our student populous is non-traditional.
They both admitted to being fans of the “Incredibles” franchise. “We chose it because it was still pretty new,” Smith  said, “and so many of us remember seeing it when we were younger.”

The closest drive-in now that is fully functioning is in West Valley, check it out if you ever want to capture the experience but didn’t have a chance to catch the one here at UVU.

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