Dressing for the date

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If you have ever rummaged through your closet for more than an hour trying to piece together your outfit for a first date—welcome to the club. This can be a daunting process. What you choose to wear on your first date plays a big part in whether or not you’ll get a second date.

Lauren Wilson, Miss Utah County, was asked, “Does what he wears on the first date actually matter?” Her answer: “Absolutely. For a causal date, khaki corduroys and Vans get me every time. It’s not that he has to have the latest and greatest brands, but he should put effort into looking good. As long as he is respectful and makes me laugh he is going to get a second date.”

There are many factors that play into what outfit you should wear on your date. For example: the time of year, the type of date, where you’re going, etc. For now, we will assume you’re going on a casual first date, perhaps dinner and an art show.

For the guys: Don’t forget the essentials. Shower, do your hair, spray on cologne. Wear a nice, ironed, button-up shirt with nice jeans, unless you’re feeling a nice pair of slacks, but don’t forget your belt. Make sure your shirt and pants match.

Throw on a jacket, even if it’s not too cold. You’ll be able to keep your date warm in case she doesn’t bring one. Socks are an important part of your outfit so pick a fun pair and roll up your pants to show them off. Wear your nicest pair of shoes. If you have them, throw on a necklace, ring and a watch. It shows you put in more effort.

For the girls: The essentials are important for you, too. Do everything from your nails to your hair. Wear a nice, dressy shirt. Nice pants with mid-calf boots are always a win. Layer with a nice jacket or pea coat. Some matching jewelry will tie the outfit together.

If the outfit allows, wear a scarf. It’s all about the layers, but don’t let the layers clash. Don’t show too much skin, especially on the first date.

Most importantly, dress appropriately for the date. It is possible to look attractive and still be comfortable and warm for your date.

Everyone has his or her own style. It’s important to keep that style and not forget who you are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You don’t have to wear the most expensive or latest styles, just be yourself. First impressions are everything and what you wear can often guarantee you your second date.

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