Down with the record labels

Reading Time: 2 minutes What happens when good music is created by anarchists?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What happens when good music is created by anarchists?

Somewhat unpopular music is created. However, a local band from Pleasant Grove, Facing Cadence, is breaking from this trend. A group of three guys who curse death upon the record companies, they nevertheless have an amazing sound that’s not all that different from some very popular rock groups.

Facing Cadence started in early 2007 when the three band members were still in high school. They were originally named Only On Tuesday, then Unsplit Twice for a short period of time, finally resting on Facing Cadence. One of their earliest shows was a battle of the bands at Pleasant Grove High School, at which they took second.

Like other high school bands, theirs had some angst and some punk. Unlike other bands with similarly aged members, though, Facing Cadence makes music with serious amounts of love and heartbreak and the pain thereafter.

Their sound is reminiscent of artists like Taking Back Sunday, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Ataris, and other such punk/emo bands. They put their own spin on an old and very popular genre.

Facing Cadence performs as often as they can, but since all three members are hardworking members of that other great band, society, they have little time to practice and perform. They do, however, work very hard when they can practice. As their bassist, UVSC student John Moore, said in an interview, "We’re trying to do some shows, but we’re all really busy."

They have five fully mastered songs on a CD named Innocence Disorder, and are working on new stuff at this time.

They are hoping to schedule some shows, but have nothing lined up yet.

You can listen to Facing Cadence on Pleasant Grove High School’s radio station, 88.1 FM, or they occasionally play at the Pig Pen at Pleasant Grove High School, performing for friends, high schoolers and anyone else willing to give them a listen.

Their Web site is