Dentist visits: low on the student priority list

Visiting a dentist routinely is probably something students were used to doing prior to starting college. In high school, students had the help of their parents with scheduling and insurance. However, once students move out on their own, they have to worry not only about their education but also their personal life, and somehow find a balance between the two.

A poll of a few of the students brave enough to attend summer school revealed that dentist visits have declined by 43 percent since they began college even though most of them are covered by dental insurance of some sort. Denise Montaño, a senior in Legal studies talked about how difficult it is to find this balance while working as a student, and mother.

“You don’t balance, you try to do what you can and squish the rest in,” Montaño said.

What most prominently stood out in the interview of these students was that they are all incredibly dedicated and have their priorities set on continued education.  Visiting a dentist, is on their list of things to manage as part of their young adult lives, but does not score as high as prioritizing family lives and school.

Two students even mentioned only visiting the dentist when their teeth hurt, as this was their only reminder that they hadn’t visited one lately. This is not a suggested method according to professionals. Some students gave some insight on how to balance their time more efficiently in order to get everything done.

“Have a schedule. Account for [your] time, and how [you] use it,” said UVU student Adam Young.

Another student mentions that taking online classes has helped with having more flexibility during the day as well.

“I make goals and have a plan to carry out all of my goals,” said Nicolas Dansie, UVU student.

Overall, organizing, planning ahead, scheduling time for studying and prioritizing were the main tips that students have found to be most useful in balancing their school and work with the rest of life.

Just as dedicated as students are to their education, UVU is also dedicated to provide needed services to students. Student Health Services, for instance, is a great resource readily available to students. They have a number of health related programs to assist students.

Finding a balance between school and life responsibilities is not an easy task, especially while making time for a dentist visit when so many other things seem to take priority. The need is always there and the only way to achieve it all is to practice different organizational techniques until one works well for you.

By Odette Mura

Life Writer

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