Dancing through the summer at UVU

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UVU offers plenty of classes during the summer term, from general education courses to electives. Taking a few credits in the summer may help speed up the graduation process, but there are other benefits as well.

This summer, UVU offers five dance technique classes: Modern Technique I, Ballet Technique II, Social Dance I, Latin Dance I, and Hip Hop 1.

Dance technique classes are courses that get students physically moving while teaching proper forms and steps according to the dance genre.

Although every class is offered each summer, depending on the number of students who register, the class may or may not be taught in the summer. On average, 12 or more students must sign up for the class for it to hold.

Dance classes in the summer are quite popular among the dance department, but non-dance majors are more than welcome to participate in these courses.

Taking dance in the summer can be beneficial because it does not only fill a college credit, but it helps students stay in shape and exercise throughout the season. Registering for dance in the summer is a smart move for students because there is less competition to get into the class. It also means there’s a greater possibility to get feedback from the professor.

Aseneth Castaneda, a junior in the ballet dance program, who has previously taken a summer dance class said, “The class was smaller and went for a much longer block of time, so the teacher was able to give great, focused, [and] individual feedback to students.”Dancing at UVU is a great way to spend the summer for dance and non-dance majors. The class will not only fulfill credit requirements, but it will help students stay physically active and enter the next semester with strength and flexibility.