Dance Team in Concert

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UVU’s Dance Team showcased their inspiring and artistic choreography in concert on Feb. 23 in the Ragan theater.

“Every dance I’ve watched this year not only inspires me to be a better dancer, but each dance tells a story,” said Samantha Ford, a senior behavioral science major. Ford is the team’s first member to stay with the group for five years. “After watching these dances, the audience will be inspired to go out and do better and maybe join something like this as well.”

According to Katie Miller, senior behavioral science major and team captain, this concert is more about the dancers’ artistic and contemporary abilities.

“During this performance, we get to breathe and feel the dance,” said Miller. “It is the opposite of the precision dancing we do during other performances like a halftime show at a basketball game.”

In one school year, the team learns 35 dances. During that time, they compete at a state and national level, perform at UVU sporting events, host two drill competitions, film videos and choreograph dances for their concert.

“This program caters towards girls who like to cheer, use their artistic choreography skills and for girls who like to compete. There is something for everyone,” said Brittney Sorenson, the Dance Team head coach. “We definitely have elite choreography and style … Our style is different and it comes naturally to the dancers.”

Dancers from all over the state and country come to audition for the dance team, but only a select few have the opportunity to be a member. These elite performers are the best of their league. Each dancer brings a sense of professionalism and a unique style that helps their teammates improve.

“We are all coming from the best of the best programs, so we are all really good technicians and performers,” said Miller.

“Being able to dance with other elite dancers improves you. It motivates you to be better because you are surrounded by amazing dancers.”Miller first decided to join the dance team after she attended a few of their concerts and watched their national’s routines.

“Every year they got better,” said Miller. “I decided that I wanted to a part of a program that was being built rather than already established. I figured, come to UVU, build this program and make it amazing.”

The dance team is proud to be building its reputation at the state and national levels along with the university.

“As the university is growing, we are growing,” said Sorenson.

Photo Credit: Sarah Sanchez

Photo Credit: Sarah Sanchez

Photo Credit: Sarah Sanchez