Cruisin’ for a campus crush

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It can put a smile on your face in a second. Make a bad day become the best day. It can make you nervous and excited at the same time and give you something to look forward to. It’s not winning the lottery or the onset of football season. It’s having a crush on someone.

Now, you can have a crush on a friend or classmate or even a teacher. It can be a celebrity or a neighbor down the street. There are those who feel it’s a bit juvenile, to have a crush on a person, but truthfully, people of all ages can have crushes.

While there are those who like to maintain anonymity when it comes to crushing’ on someone, others aren’t afraid to express their desire for the crush to develop into something more. If you think there is a possibility that a more exclusive relationship can form, here are some suggestions:

First: Be you. The most effective tactic in attracting your crush is being confident in who you are.  Showing that you are comfortable in your own skin will produce far better results than trying to be someone you’re not. If you are bold and sassy around your roommates, be bold and sassy around your crush.  It can be tempting to change your quirks in order to gain favor with your crush, but it won’t last. You have a better chance of being noticed simply by being yourself.

Second: Allow tension to build. In an age where immediacy is the norm, we often forget that tension fuels the excitement. Going from point A to point Z in a week is a sure way to extinguish any good thing before it starts. Avoid the temptation to speed up the process.  It took watching eight “Harry Potter” films before we finally saw Hermione and Ron kiss. To keep a fire burning, you slowly add to it. It may require a lot of patience, but if you want a hot romance, spend time adding the kindling.

Third: Respond to Queues. Chemistry is interactive. The previous two suggestions will help with this piece of advice.   If the opportunity presents itself to work on a class project with the crush, go for it. There is no need to force a relationship.  If there is chemistry, both parties will feel it.  Having a relaxed attitude and responding to these types of queues as they happen will help in maintaining a healthy relationship down the line.

Whether a long term relationship develops or not, having a crush on someone can be a positive experience. It’s impossible to force a person to like you, be willing to respect feelings of another, if they don’t return your affections. Of all the suggestions mentioned, the most important one is to be you.  Maintaining your self-confidence and personality is a sure way to impress any crush and if you don’t think you’ve experienced what it’s like to crush on someone yet, no worries, there is still time.

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